Why Work With Alisa?

Alisa Green is a Life Coach and Self-Care Specialist who coaches women to their greatness. Alisa helps women, like you, rediscover their passion and purpose to live their best lives! With her gifts, Alisa empowers women who need to break down walls and shows them that though we are not perfect, we are perfect for our purpose.

✓  If your constant procrastination is getting old and you’re ready to get unstuck

✓  If you know you should be doing more with your life but just don’t know how or where to start

✓  If you are struggling with your mindset and desire to challenge yourself, stretch and grow

✓  If you want to invest in yourself through personal development and growth

✓  If you want to conquer your fears, dream a bigger dream and rewrite your story

✓  If you know you were put on this earth to do more than what you are doing right now

✓  If you’re looking for clarity and want to take action

The Whole World is Waiting! Re-Discover Your Passion & Purpose in Life




Soul connecting, experience sharing, unconditional love, knowledge swapping, book reading tags…but what’s most important and dear to my heart is your Alisa time and energy you give to so many others, at times robbing yourself of that. It’s a gift to be able to reach others, draw them in, encourage a village of people and have that domino effect that once you leave a room, your presence is still felt.What you’ve encouraged me to do goes with a great appreciation of what a sister and coach really is. – M. Smith
Being close enough to a life coach where just in conversation you get “the message” you need to keep on is a blessing. Alisa J Green has been a support, an inspiration, and a woman of value to me. Whether it be words of encouragement, advice, wisdom or a resolve she can pinpoint where I am and where I need to be.

This is a value, a blessing for when one is lost they need to be found and directed if they are to be successful in anything. Alisa J Green is a friend, a confidant, but more importantly she has been that coach for me.

– Nanette Buchanan, IPen Books Author & Speaker

Each encounter I’ve had with Alisa J Green has been a calming yet revitalizing experience. In sometimes short, simple conversation she’s inspired me to search my soul and find my purpose. It’s not everyday that you meet a woman willing to give so much of herself to help others.

Whenever I was in her presence, I was overtaken by her positive energy. I’m forever thankful for those talks and for God allowing a beautiful soul such as hers to cross my path.

-Q. Wilder